Top Wealth Management Firms in Kenya

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Wealth management (WM) is a form of investment management and financial planning that provides financial solutions to affluent, high-net-worth, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

The solutions offered by wealth managers include retail banking, estate planning, legal resources, accounting and tax services, retirement planning, and investment management. 

Professionals in this field are usually Chartered Financial Analysts or MBA holders.

Here is a list of the top wealth management firms in Kenya:

1) Nabo Capital

Nabo is a Maasai word meaning one, this is in line with the companies’ aspiration to be the number one wealth manager in Kenya.

This wealth management firm helps clients to meet their specific goals and priorities by customizing a portfolio that helps them actualize their dreams.

Physical address

 International House, 5th Floor

P.O BOX 10518-00100

Nairobi, Kenya


Telephone: +254 709 902 700

2) Alpha Africa Asset Managers

This wealth management firm was started in 2012 and is committed to helping its clients invest in a broad range of asset classes to grow their wealth.

For one to invest with them, they have to make a minimum investment of KSH 5,000,000.

In return, it offers capital preservation, access to various types of assets, choice of customized portfolio, enhanced return, and funds invested in a custody account in your name

Physical address

Crawford Business Park, 4th Floor Suite 26 & 26 A

State House Road

P.O. Box 34530 – 00100

Nairobi, Kenya


Phone: +254-20-2595448/9

Mobile: 0726559822 | 0733559822

3) ICEA Lion Asset Management Limited

Under its Private Wealth Management: Asset Management offers tailor-made investment solutions to high net worth individuals, trusts, foundations, and institutions.

They manage a portfolio with a minimum of Kshs10 Million and above. A client can choose to invest in the money markets, bonds, fixed income portfolio, equities, balanced portfolio, offshore investments, or family trusts.

Physical address

ICEA Building, 15th Floor, Kenyatta Avenue

P.O. Box 46143 – 00100 Nairobi

Telephone: +254 (0) 20 2750302

Mobile: +254 719 071167 / 730 151302

4) Natbank Trustee and Investment Services Limited

Natbank Trustee and Investment Services ltd was registered in 1995 and is a subsidiary of the National Bank of Kenya.

It prides itself on helping customers actualize their dreams by creating a financial plan that is dynamic and unique to every customer.

Physical address

National Bank Building Harambee Avenue 

P.O BOX 72866-00200

Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone: 020-2828000


5) Standard Chartered Investment Services Limited

A branch of the Standard Chartered Bank, this wealth management firm has a dedicated team of wealth managers who help clients invest in a variety of asset classes in various countries.

Physical address

Standard Building Chiromo 48, Westlands Road

 P.O. Box 40984 – 00100 Nairobi 

Telephone:+254 20 3291245

6) Stanlib Kenya Limited

STANLIB Kenya is a leading wealth management firm in Kenya which is owned by Liberty Holdings Limited.

It is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange and manages assets worth over Kshs 121 billion. The firm helps high-net-worth individuals to invest their money and grow generational wealth.

It operates in eight African countries and key developed markets.

Physical Address

Liberty House, 1st Floor, Mamlaka Road

P.O. BOX 30550-00100,

Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone:+254 711076111 OR+254 020 3268508

7) Madison Asset Management Services Limited

This company is a subsidiary of Madison Group Ltd. It was incorporated in 2001 and was registered by the RBA as a fund manager in the same year.

Since 2001, it has been actively involved in wealth management. And as of 31st December 2016, it had a portfolio of Kshs 6.0 billion.

Physical address

Madison House

Upper Hill Close P.O. Box 20092 – 00100 Nairobi


Telephone: +254 020 2864510/ 0709922500| 0741135660 | 0777135660 | 0110922090 | 0110922091

8) Dry Associates Limited

Dry Associates was established in 1994 and have over twenty fives of experience in corporate finance and private wealth management.

In the area of private wealth, Dry Associates works with individuals, families, foundations, and other private entities to help them achieve financial goals and protect wealth for future generations. 

No matter what the stage of private wealth management, whether accumulating, preserving, or conveying wealth to the next generation, Dry Associates has the expertise.

Physical address

Dry Associates House

Brookside Grove, Westlands

PO BOX 684-00606

Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone: +254(0) 20 445 0520/1, +254(0) 705 799 971, +254(0) 705 849 429, +254(0) 738 253 811

9) Fusion Investment Management Limited

Fusion Investment Management offers wealth management services in Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa. It has demonstrated a strong ability to deliver a good return on investment for its clients

It works with three main wealth management clients.

i)  Professional international investors 

These are clients seeking broad access to African (financial) investment markets with the guide of an experienced manager. The typical profile of this kind of investor is an ultra-high-net-worth or high-net-worth individual

ii) Experienced Kenyan investors 

These are Kenyans looking for wealth management solutions rooted in Africa. They are usually high net worth individuals, a group of investors, or simply people looking for holistic global wealth management solutions.

iii) Institutional investors 

These are investors looking for a particular exposure to African opportunities (for example Real Estate, Private Equity, or SME Financing). The type of investors includes pension funds, endowment, or multi-family funds, charities, NGOs, and foundations.

Physical address

ACK Garden House, Block A, Ground Floor, 1st Ngong Avenue, Off Bishops Road

 P.O. BOX 47538 – 00100

Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone: +254 (20) 2738460 /1

10) Amana Capital

Amana capital began operations in November 2004. In 2012, it got a boost in its capital when Wilken Africa Limited, a 50-year old Kenyan investment company invested in it.

Today it is a formidable wealth manager and helps high net worth families invest and manage their wealth.

Physical address

Saachi Plaza, Block C, Suite C5

Nairobi, Kenya 00100

Telephone: +254 721 700 076 +254 020 235 1738 /41 /42


Take away

Wealth management is a vibrant industry in most developed countries. Here in Kenya, the wealth management space is not as visible but is very promising. As more and more people grow their wealth management firms are going to be in demand.


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