Top Listed Saccos in Kenya

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SACCOs have gained popularity in recent years as many people are looking for alternative banking services from traditional banks.

Apart from providing savings and credit services at favorable terms, SACCOs pays dividends on their membership share capital and interest on their savings.

20 Top SACCOs in Kenya

Here is a comprehensive list of the 20 top Saccos in Kenya.

1.   Metropolitan Teachers Sacco Ltd

Metropolitan SACCO is one of the largest SACCOs in Kenya, valued at Kshs 14.8 billion in assets.

It was registered in 1977 and drew its membership from the public and private institutions.

The society paid dividends at 6.25% on share capital.

2.   Harambee SACCO

Harambee SACCO was started by supporting staff working at the Office of the President in 1970. It has since then grown to a famous SACCO with over 80,000 members, and it’s open to all.

In 2019, the SACCO gave dividends to its members amounting to Kshs 1.34 billion. The dividends were 6.5% of the share capital.

3.   Safaricom SACCO

Safaricom SACCO mostly admits members from the telco’s staff or their spouses. Those who have worked in before are eligible for membership too upon approval by the SACCO management committee.

SACCO is valued at 5.6 billion. In 2019 it paid a 12% dividend on share capital to all the qualified members holding shares amounting to Kshs 40,000.

4.   Kenya Police SACCO

Kenya Police SACCO is based in Nairobi with its headquarters in Ngara. The SACCO was established in 1972 and had a membership of over 52,000. Initially, it was accepting members working in police service only, but today is open to all.

For the financial year ended in 2018, the SACCO issued dividends at 17% on share capital. The society’s assets amount to 35 million.

5.   Stima SACCO

Stima SACCO offers excellent services to its members. It was founded in 1974, and it has grown one of the leading SACCOs with five branches, and it’s open to all.

In 2019, the society issued dividends totaling Kshs 2.3 billion at a rate of 14% per share.

6.   Waumini SACCO

Waumini SACCO is a faith-based SACCO drawing most of its membership from Catholic church congregations.

In 2019, the society paid dividends at 9.25% on share capital, amounting to slightest over Kshs 23 Million. Members registered by the end of 2018 received interest on savings  8.25% member’s deposit.

7.   Unaitas SACCO

Unaitas SACCO, formerly Muramati SACCO, was started in Murang’a town as a cooperative society. From 1993, the time it was founded to now, the SACCO has grown to one of the best SACCOs in the country.

In 2019, Unaitas SACCO paid a total of Kshs 470 million on shares and members’ savings.

8.   K-Unity SACCO

K-Unity SACCO is a popular SACCO with most of its members being small scale business owners and based in Nairobi or Kiambu county.

The SACCO was registered in 1974, and it admits members after undergoing thorough vetting processes.

SACCO has an asset base of more than 2.9 billion.

9.   Hazina SACCO

Hazina SACCO is a deposit-taking SACCO, with the majority of its members being county employees and government employees. The SACCO is open to all.

The SACCO issues loans are payable in up to 72 months and at a 1% interest rate per month.

10. Tower SACCO

Tower SACCO was founded in 1976 and started its operations in 1977 when it issued loans to its members for the first time – mostly primary school teachers.

The SACCO has grown to one of the leading SACCO drawing its membership mainly from public institutions’ staff. In the year ended in 2019, Sacco paid dividends at 13% of the member’s share capital.

11.  Mhasibu SACCO

Mhasibu  SACCO was founded in 1986 by accountants, and it mostly targets accountancy professionals. Mhasibu is a Swahili word for accountant. The bank  has a share capital of more than Kshs 2.8 billion.

For the year ended 2019, Sacco paid dividends at 15% of the share capital and 8% interest on member’s deposits

12.  Imarika SACCO

Imarika SACCO has its headquarters in Kilifi town. TCS employees founded it in 1974 with only about 100 members. The SACCO has grown its membership to about 38,000.


United Nations SACCO was founded in 1975 to provide savings and credit services to UN employees.

Today, the SACCO has grown one best SACCO targeting both local and international UN employees.

14.  Afya SACCO Society Ltd

Afya SACCO is a famous SACCO founded in 1972, and over 40 years now, it has over 38,000 members.

The Society’s assets are valued at more than Kshs 17.5 billion.

15.  Kingdom SACCO

Kingdom SACCO was started in 1999 as a faith-based savings and credit society by Life Reformation Church. The Sacco has grown to a deposit-taking organization, and its membership is open to all.

The Sacco paid dividends to its members at 10% on member’s share capital and 6.5% interest on member’s savings.

16.  Tembo SACCO

Tembo SACCO was started in 1972, targeting the EABL staff, but today the cooperative society is open to the public.

In 2020, the SACCO gave dividends at 20% on share capital and interest on member’s deposits at 11.5%.

17.  Kimisitu SACCO

Founded by ICRAF employees in 1985, the Kimisitu SACCO was started to offer credit services to its members at an affordable cost. The members can accumulate their savings to qualify for high-value loans. Kimisitu SACCO’s asset base is 7 billion.

18.    Kenya Bankers SACCO

Kenya Bankers SACCO allows its members to mobilize savings and get credit at reasonable interest rates.

The society draws members for money- related organizations such as banks and any financial institution.

It offers different types of credit services such as M-loans, Boresha Maisha loans, among others.

The SACCO’S asset base now stands at 7.58 billion.

19.    Kenya Medical Association(KMA) SACCO

The society draws membership from medical practitioners recognized in Kenya.

The KMA society management understands the healthcare profession’s dynamics; hence they offer their financial services conveniently to the medical and dental professionals. The KMA SACCO’s assets are valued at 3.4 billion.

20.   Nation SACCO

Registered in 1975, the nation SACCO offers its members financial services drawn from the Nation’s staff. From 2012 onwards, the SACCO has been open to the public. In 2017, the SACCO made dividends payouts at 15% of the members’ share capital. Also, its members’ received returns on deposits at a rate of 9%.

Other SACCOs include:

  1. Agro-Chem Sacco Society Ltd
  2. Airports Sacco Society Ltd
  3. Ardhi Sacco Society Ltd
  4. Bandari Sacco Society Ltd
  5. Baraka Sacco Society Ltd
  6. Biashara Sacco Society Ltd
  7. Bingwa Sacco
  8. Capital Sacco Society Ltd
  9. Chuna Sacco Society Ltd
  10. Cosmopolitan Sacco Society Ltd
  11. Enea Sacco Society Ltd
  12. Fariji Sacco Society Ltd
  13. Fortune Sacco
  14. GDC Sacco Society Ltd
  15. Jamii Sacco Society Ltd
  16. Kenya Highlands Sacco Society Ltd
  17. KMFRI Sacco Society Ltd
  18. Maisha Bora Sacco Society Ltd
  19. Mombasa Port Sacco Society Ltd
  20. Mombo Sacco
  21. Mwalimu Sacco
  22. Mwito Sacco
  23. Nafaka Sacco
  24. Network Sacco Ltd
  25. Nyambene Arimi Sacco Society Ltd
  26. Sheria Sacco Society Ltd
  27. Shirika Sacco Society Ltd
  28. Trans-National Times Sacco Society Ltd
  29. Ukulima Sacco
  30. Wananchi Sacco

Take time to study the performance history of different SACCOs before deciding on which one to join.



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