Qatar Airways extends Africa Reach with a new deal with KQ

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Qatar Airways has expanded its partnership with Kenya Airways in a new deal to allow smooth transits in coastal and western Kenya.

The interline partnership agreement extends the Doha-based airline to 43 destinations in Africa providing direct connections to Mombasa and Kisumu. This is in addition to existing connections across the continent including Bamako, Monrovia, Abidjan among others.

Since 2016, both airlines have witnessed significant economies of scale, providing passengers with seamless connections and unrivaled service.

“The expansion of the interline agreement between Qatar Airways and Kenya Airways is a natural next step in the strengthening of our partnership,” said Qatar Airways Vice President of Africa, Hendrik Du Perez on Friday.

Qatar Airways resumed its 14 weekly flights on August 7 following the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions by both governments.

The airline continues to strengthen its presence in Africa through its new route to Mogadishu and purchase of a 49% stake in Rwanda Airlines.


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