Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine with 95% Effectiveness

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A US-based healthcare research and drug-making company, Moderna, has announced a new COVID-19 vaccine with 95% effectiveness.

This exciting news follows a recent similar announcement by Pfizer, another healthcare research company. These two announcements are great news when the world is struggling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moderna says they are in the process of applying for approvals.
However, there are still unanswered health concerns. For instance:

How good is the vaccine?
The results of the vaccine’s effectiveness were based on 30,000 people only. Based on the outcome of the trial vaccine, 95% effectiveness is evident.

When and how will people get the vaccine?
This concern can be well answered, depending on your location in the world and your age.
If the vaccine gets approvals for use within the US, Moderna will supply around 20 million doses.

For users outside the US, the company intends to produce and distribute around 1 billion doses next year. It will seek and obtain the required approvals from the respective countries.

So far, the UK has disclosed it with getting 5 million COVID-19 vaccine doses from Moderna for 2.5 million people. The old will be given a priority in administering the vaccine.

What do we need to know?
The longevity of the immunity is not yet known. Also, there is no data to show if the vaccine protects people from getting severe COVID-19 symptoms only, or it can prevent one from spreading the virus.

Addressing these critical health concerns will pave the way for how the vaccine will be administered.

Does the vaccine cause side effects?
From the patients who received the injection, only a few complained of headaches, fatigue, and pain. These are expected effects when a vaccine is administered.

There are no significant health concerns reports so far.

How does the vaccine compare to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine?
Both companies have used a similar approach to make the vaccine. They have applied innovative and highly experimental techniques.

The two vaccines have shown similar effectiveness – 95% for Moderna and 90% for the Pfizer vaccine.



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