M-Pesa paybill numbers for Banks in Kenya

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Safaricom, in collaboration with banks operating Kenya, offer payment solutions by simplifying bank transactions for both small and bulk payments. This can be done through the available USSD codes for payment transfer OR use of paybill numbers.

Mobile banking transactions has been made easier, convenient and quick. Those in rural areas and cannot access banks can easily use this service to carry out their transactions. Also, anyone who wants to bank fast and at the comfort of their home, workplace or wherever they are, this service is for them.

So, if you are planning to use the mpesa paybill for the bank, here are some of the benefits you will be enjoying.

  • You will have a safe method to receive and send payments—no worries of carrying bundles of cash to the bank, praying that everything runs out smoothly. The service is accessed through the mobile phone.
  • You will be able to get instant payments without delays.
  • You can carry out transaction after regular banking service hours. The service is available 24/7.
  • You will have quick access to your money through your phone.
  • It is cheap to use

Therefore, next time you pay for your utility bills such as power, water or for your Tv connection, you can use the paybill service. Aslo, when paying rent for lipa Kodi, paying school fees for lipa Karo, making Sacco/ bank deposit, paying for statutory items such as NHIF, KRA or NSSF as well as topping up your pre-paid cards such as the fuel cards, credit cards you can easily use the paybill service.

Here is a list of Mpesa paybill numbers for all the banks in Kenya

BankBank to M-PESA        (USSD)M-Pesa to Bank (paybill number)
Barclays Bank Ltd*224#303030
Equity Bank Ltd*247#222111
Family Bank Ltd*325#222111247247
Comm. Bank of Africa*654#880100
Standard Chartered Bank*722#329329
National Bank*625#547700
Co-operative Bank*667#400200
Chase Bank*275#552800
Diamond Trust Bank (DTB)*385#516600
ABC BankAPP111777
CFC Stanbic*208#600100
NIC Bank Ltd*488#/ APP488488
Jamii Bora Bank*344#529901
I & M Bank Limited*458#542542
Banks Paybill Numbers and USSD Codes
Imperial Bank Ltd*356#800100
UBA Bank*368#559900
K-REP BANK*527#111999
Credit Bank*699#972700
Transnational Bank*862#862862
Consolidated Bank Ltd*262#508400
Post Office Savings Bank*498#200999
Bank Of Africa (BOA)*987#972900
Prime BankAPP982800
Gulf Africa Bank*399#985050
Equatorial Commercial Bank*286#498100
Housing Finance Company Ltd*231#100400
Guardian Bank*356#344501
Guaranty Trust BankAPP910200
SMEP DTM*741#777001
KWFT DTM*378#101200
Vision Fund Kenya*985#200555
Rafiki DTM*366#802200
Banks USSD and PayBill Numbers

How to deposit money to your bank account using the M-Pesa paybill number

  1. Go to your m-pesa menu.
  2. Open Lipa na M-PESA and select the paybill option. Enter your bank’s m-Pesa paybill number (business number) from the list above.
  3. Enter the account number- your bank account no or account number you want to deposit money to.
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit/transfer from your M-Pesa.
  5. Enter your M-Pesa pin, select OK and accept the prompt to complete the transaction.

What should you expect after this? You should expect to receive a confirmation SMS from Safaricom stating the transaction has been successful. The owner of the bank account will also receive a confirmation messaging confirming the transaction has been successful.

How to withdraw money from a bank using the M-Pesa paybill number

  1. Using the Safaricom code
  2. With your Safaricom number Dial *234#
  3. Select Merchant services
  4. A list will pop up. Select withdraw cash
  5. Then select to bank
  6. Enter HO Number. (your paybill number)
  7. Enter the amount you are withdrawing and then press enter to complete the transaction.

What should happen after this? You will get a notification. So, check your bank account for confirmation.

NOTE: Every bank has their own transaction fee that they charge for each transaction carried out.

Safaricom M-Pesa paybill nos are not only used for depositing and withdrawing cash from banks. They can also be used to pay for goods and services.

Paybill and till number are similar in that they are both used to make payments. However, the difference comes in here- Paybill can be used when the user is miles away like in the case of depositing and withdrawing cash from your bank account or when paying school fees. In contrast, use of till numbers requires the user to be present as well as the business owner for the transaction to take place. 

Another difference is that in till numbers, a customer is not charged a transaction fee while as in paybill numbers, a transaction fee is charged to a customer for every transaction carried out.

How to register for M-Pesa paybill number

  1. With your Safaricom line, dial *100#
  2. Select M-Pesa
  3. Select M-Pesa products
  4. Choose M-Pesa paybill request. 
  5. Enter your preferred business name (Can be the name of the bank, Sacco etc. you want to create paybill no for)
  6. Choose paybill
  7. Enter your personal details as direct, e.g. email address and region.

Here is how to pay for goods and services using a till number

  1. Go to your M-Pesa menu
  2. Select Lipa a M-Pesa
  3. Select Buy goods and services
  4. Select Enter till no
  5. Enter till no and then click OK
  6. Enter amount to pay then click Ok
  7. Enter your M-Pesa pin and then click OK

Mobile banking via mpesa paybill nos have made transactions simpler and friendly. The service is accessible at the reach of your handset, and it doesn’t matter if your phone is internet-connected or not. Kenyans can easily make timely payments and even save in their respective banks using this service.  


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