List of Swift Codes for all banks in Kenya

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The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is a standard format that is used when transferring cash between banks. The codes are mostly used when doing international transfers are also referred to as Bank Identifier Code (BIC). Banks also use these codes to exchange messages between them.

Swift codes have either 8 or 11 characters. An 11 character code refers to a specific branch while an 8 character code or one ending with XXX refers to the banks head office.

The format for a swift code is as follows:


PPPP- the first four characters represents the bank code (Usually in letters only)

QQ -the following two characters represent the country code (in letters only)- In Kenya it is KEN

RR -the next two characters refers to the location code (Usually in letters and digits)

SSS -the last three characters refers to the branch code (this one is optional)

Below is a list of swift codes of all banks in Kenya

NoBankCityBranchSwift code
1Bank of Africa Kenya LimitedMombasaMombasaAFRIKENX002
2Bank of Africa Kenya LimitedNairobi AFRIKENX
3African Banking Corporation LimitedNairobi ABCLKENA
4Bank of Baroda Kenya LimitedMeruMeruBARBKENAMER
5Bank of Baroda Kenya LimitedMombasaNyali, Mobasa,KenyaBARBKENANYA
6Bank of Baroda Kenya LimitedEldoretEldoretBARBKENAELD
7Bank of Baroda Kenya LimitedKisumuKisumuBARBKENAKIS
8Bank of Baroda Kenya LimitedKakamegaKakamegaBARBKENAKAK
9Bank of Baroda Kenya LimitedMombasaDigo Road, MombasaBARBKENAMOM
10Bank of Baroda Kenya LimitedNairobi BARBKENA
11Bank of Baroda Kenya LimitedMombasaMombasa RoadBARBKENAMRN
12Bank of Baroda Kenya LimitedNairobiIndustrial AreaBARBKENAIND
13Bank of Baroda Kenya LimitedNairobiSarit CentreBARBKENASAR
14Bank of Baroda Kenya LimitedNairobiDiamond plazaBARBKENADIA
15Bank of Baroda Kenya LimitedNairobiNairobi mainBARBKENANMO
16Bank of Baroda Kenya LimitedNairobi BARBKENA
17Bank of Baroda Kenya LimitedThikaThikaBARBKENATHI
18Bank of Baroda Kenya LimitedNakuruNakuruBARBKENANAK
19Barclays Bank of Kenya LimitedEldoretEldoretBARCKENXELD
20Barclays Bank of Kenya LimitedNairobi BARCKENX
21Barclays Bank of Kenya LimitedNairobiNairobi Distribution CentreBARCKENXNDC
22Barclays Bank of Kenya LimitedNairobiDealers Department Head OfficeBARCKENXDLR
23Barclays Bank of Kenya LimitedNairobiPlaza Business CentreBARCKENXNPB
24Barclays Bank of Kenya LimitedNairobiCard Centre NairobiBARCKENXNCC
25Barclays Bank of Kenya LimitedNairobiPayments and International ServicesBARCKENXPIS
26Barclays Bank of Kenya LimitedNairobiVoucher Processing CentreBARCKENXVPC
27Barclays Bank of Kenya LimitedNairobiTrade Processing CentreBARCKENXTPC
28Barclays Bank of Kenya LimitedNairobi BARCKENX
29Barclays Bank of Kenya LimitedMombasaDigo Road, MombasaBARCKENXMDR
30Barclays Bank of Kenya LimitedMombasaNkurumahBARCKENXMNR
31Bank of IndiaEldoretEldoretBKIDKENAELD
32Bank of IndiaKisumuKisumuBKIDKENAKSM
33Bank of IndiaMombasaMombasaBKIDKENAMSA
34Bank of IndiaNairobiIndustrial AreaBKIDKENAIAB
35Bank of IndiaNairobiWestlandsBKIDKENAWST
36Central Bank of KenyaNairobi BKIDKENA
37Central Bank of KenyaNairobiCurrency DivisionCBKEKENXCNY
38Central Bank of KenyaNairobiBanking DivisionCBKEKENXBKG
39Central Bank of KenyaNairobiNational Debt DivisionCBKEKENXNDO
40Central Bank of KenyaNairobi CBKEKENX
41Commercial Bank of Africa LimitedNairobi CBAFKENX
42Central Depository and Settlement CorporationNairobi CDSNKENA
43Citibank N.A NairobiNairobi CITIKENA
44Citibank N.A NairobiNairobiTrade Services DepartmentCITIKENATRD
45Caritas Microfinance Bank LimitedNairobi CRMFKENA
46Chase Bank Kenya LimitedNairobi   CKENKENA
47Credit Bank LimitedNairobi CRBTKENA
48Consolidated Bank of Kenya LimitedNairobi CONKKENA
49Development Bank of Kenya LimitedNairobi DEVKKENA
50DIB Bank Kenya LimitedNairobi DUIBKENA
51Diamond Trust Bank Kenya LimitedNairobiHead officeDTKEKENA
52Ecobank Kenya LimitedNairobi ECOCKENA
53Equity Bank Kenya LimitedNairobi EQBLKENA
54Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development BankNairobi ESATKENA
55Family Bank LimitedNairobi FABLKENA
56Faulu Microfinance Bank LimitedNairobi FAUMKENA
57First Community Bank LimitedNairobi IFCBKENA
57Giro Commercial Bank LimitedNairobi GIROKENX
58Guardian Bank LimitedNairobi GUARKENA
59Guaranty Trust Bank Kenya LimitedNairobi GTBIKENA
60Guru African Bank LimitedNairobi GAFRKENA
61Guru African Bank LimitedNairobi GAFRKENA
62Habib Bank AG ZurichNairobi HBZUKENA
64HFC LimitedNairobi HFCOKENA
65I&M Bank LimitedNairobi IMBLKENA
66I&M Bank LimitedNairobiSettlement DepartmentIMBLKENASTL
67I&M Bank LimitedNairobiFunds Transfer DepartmentIMBLKENAFTR
68I&M Bank LimitedNairobiTrade Finance DepartmentIMBLKENATRD
69Imperial Bank LimitedNairobi IMPLKENA
70Jamii Bora Bank LimitedNairobi CIFIKENA
71KCB Bank Kenya LimitedNairobi KCBLKENX
72KCB Bank Kenya LimitedNairobiKipande HouseKCBLKENX005
73KCB Bank Kenya LimitedNairobiIndustrial AreaKCBLKENX002
74KCB Bank Kenya LimitedNairobiMoi AvenueKCBLKENX017
75KCB Bank Kenya LimitedNairobiGigiri-UNEPKCBLKENX012
76KCB Bank Kenya LimitedNairobiKisumu MainKCBLKENX077
77KCB Bank Kenya LimitedNairobiTreasury SquareKCBLKENX080
78KCB Bank Kenya LimitedNairobiTreasuryKCBLKENXTMK
79KCB Bank Kenya LimitedNairobi KCBLKENXTFS
80KCB Bank Kenya LimitedNairobi KCBLKENXCUS
81KCB Bank Kenya LimitedNairobiDomestic Money Market UnitKCBLKENXDMM
82Kenya Women Microfinance BankNairobi KWMIKENX
83M-Oriental Bank KenyaNairobi MORBKENA
84Middle East Bank Kenya LimitedNairobi MIEKKENA
85Mayfair Bank LimitedNairobi MYBKKENA
86National Bank of KenyaNairobi NBKEKENX
87National Bank of KenyaNairobiAwendoNBKEKENX302
88National Bank of KenyaNairobiCorporate DivisionNBKEKENX310
89National Bank of KenyaNairobiHospitalNBKEKENX329
90National Bank of KenyaRuiruRuiruNBKEKENX337
91National Bank of KenyaNairobiHarambe AvenueNBKEKENX711
92National Bank of KenyaNairobiKenyatta AvenueNBKEKENX725
93National Bank of KenyaNairobiMombasa NkurumahNBKEKENX739
94National Bank of KenyaNairobiMoi AvenueNBKEKENX743
95National Bank of KenyaNairobiEldoretNBKEKENX789
96National Bank of KenyaNairobiNakuruNBKEKENX757
97National Bank of KenyaNairobiBusiaNBKEKENX828
98National Bank of KenyaNairobiKisiiNBKEKENX815
99National Bank of KenyaNairobiMeruNBKEKENX833
100National Bank of KenyaNairobiHill PlazaNBKEKENX808
101National Bank of KenyaNairobiKisumuNBKEKENX761
102National Bank of KenyaNairobiKaratinaNBKEKENX841
103National Bank of KenyaNairobiKitaleNBKEKENX884
104National Bank of KenyaNairobiNyeriNBKEKENX876
105National Bank of KenyaNairobiKituiNBKEKENX930
106National Bank of KenyaNairobiNarokNBKEKENX868
107National Bank of KenyaNairobiLimuruNBKEKENX922
108National Bank of KenyaNairobiMoloNBKEKENX949
109National Bank of KenyaNairobiKapsabetNBKEKENX965
110National Bank of KenyaNairobiBungomaNBKEKENX957
111National Bank of KenyaNairobiMombasa MoiNBKEKENX973
112NCBA Bank KenyaNairobi CBAFKENX
113NIC Bank Limited Head OfficeNINCKENA
114Paramount Bank LimitedNairobi PAUTKENA
115Prime Bank LimitedNairobi PRIEKENX
116Rafiki Microfinance BankNairobi RMFBKENA
117Sidian Bank LimitedNairobi SIDNKENA
118SMEP Microfinance BankNairobi SMEPKENA
119Stanbic Bank Kenya LimitedNairobiStructured PaymentsSBICKENXSSP
120Stanbic Bank Kenya LimitedNairobi   SBICKENX
121Standard Chartered Bank Kenya LimitedNairobi SCBLKENX
122Standard Chartered Bank Kenya LimitedNairobiTradeSCBLKENXTRD
123Standard Chartered Bank Kenya LimitedNairobiSecurities Services UnitSCBLKENXSSU
124Spire Bank LimitedNairobi EQUAKENA
125Trans-National Bank LimitedNairobi TNBLKENA
126UBA Kenya Bank LimitedNairobi UNAFKENA
127Victoria Commercial Bank LimitedNairobi VICMKENA
Source: Central Bank of Kenya

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