How to own a home in Kenya while in Diaspora

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Owning a Home in Kenya whole in Diaspora

It is estimated that there are about 3 million Kenyans in the Diaspora. This population keeps rising every year, as more Kenyans seek economic opportunities outside the country.

And even though they move, most of them desire to have a home in Kenya. A place they can call their own.

This article is going to show ways in which Kenyans in Diaspora can own a home back home.

1) Save and build

This is one of the sure and tested ways Kenyans in Diaspora have been able to own a home. 

To use this method, you must have clear goals of what type of house you want, and how much time do you have to achieve your goal.

From there, you can calculate how much savings you need to set aside every month towards this goal. 

While at it, it is best to have smaller goals. For example, once you have a considerable amount of savings, you can set out to buy land. Thereafter, set your goal for putting the foundation. These small goals are what is going to see you through into your journey of homeownership. 

Eventually, you will achieve your dream of owning a home sooner than you think.

2) Use the Home Loan for Diaspora from Housing Finance

If you do not wish to go through the route of doing it yourself, a mortgage is a favorable option for your homeownership journey while abroad. 

And one of the banks offering a competitive offer to the Diaspora folk is Housing Finance.

H.F is a mortgage and retail bank that was started on November 18th, 1965. It is the second-largest mortgage provider in Kenya.

Through its home loan, Kenyans in the Diaspora can easily own property back home.

Some of the Common Requirements of Owning a Home in Kenya with Mortgage Companies

Source: Housing Finance Group Mortgage Financiers

Here are their requirements for accessing their  home loan:

  • Copy of Kenyan Passport and ID
  • Copy of Kenyan PIN certificate
  • Copy of recent utility bill e.g. gas, power
  • Introduction Letter from employer stating terms of employment, income & retirement age
  • 3 months latest paystubs
  • Credit Reference Bureau report from the country of residence
  • Notarized 6-month latest certified salary bank statements
  • Notarized residence permit

For all the above documents, they need to be notarized. This should be done by either Notary of public, Stamped by Kenyan Embassy, High commission or Certified by HFC appointed agent.

Terms of the Home Loan for Diaspora   

  • There is the financing of up to 70% of the selling value of the home or a price for a maximum tenure of 10 years
  • The loan is for outright purchase of a home, and it cannot be diverted into other activity


  • 1.5% -Commitment fee
  •  0.5%-Valuation fee 
  • 1-2%-Legal Fees 
  • 4%-Stamp duty 

Why a Home Loan for Diaspora from HFC

  • There is up to to 105% financing 
  • The tenure of the loan repayment can go up to 20 years
  • In case it is an occupied home, as a borrower, you will enjoy a tax relief 
  • There is a mortgage protection cover in case of death or disability
  • On top of the MPC cover, there is also an insurance cover for fire 

Finsolutions Property Consultants

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