How to check your Fuliza Limit

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Fuliza is a financial service offered by Safaricom to aid mpesa users with cash when they do not have enough in their account to complete the transaction.

What to note is, fuliza is not an mpesa loan, but a continuous overdraft service offered to customers by Safaricom.

How to join fuliza?

If you are not using it already, you can easily opt-in by just dialing *234# and choose Fuliza M-Pesa. However, to qualify, you need to have used your mpesa account for at least six months. 

How to check fuliza limit?

Fuliza has a limit and different users have different limits. To check your limit simply dial *234# and select fuliza M-Pesa then select check limit.

What should expect after this? You will receive a Safaricom SMS confirming the maximum limit that you can borrow through Fuliza.

Are there charges?

Yes, there are charges involved in this services. After checking the amount you’ll be allowed to fuliza, you can check the fees that will be charged on that amount by just dialing *234# again. This time select the Query charges option and enter the amount you want to fuliza and submit.

After this, Safaricom will send you an SMS containing the charges.

Was that simple? Yes, definitely!


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