Horticulture exports 8.6% Increase Against Covid-19 Restrictions

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The growth in exports of fresh produce is evident in the ten months of 2020. The fresh produce market has defied the COVID-19 pandemic effects on the economy by recording an 8.6% increase.

The fruit exports grew to Kshs 17 billion, and there was a notable increase in the flower export amounting to Kshs 89.6 billion. Initially, the fruit’s export was at Kshs 11 billion, while the flower exports were previously at Kshs 83.7 billion.

The avocado foreign market has significantly boosted the overall horticulture sector export.

The head of Horticulture Directorate, Benjamin Tito, said the significant expansion in fruit exports is due to the high demand for avocado in the foreign market.

Also, Europe being the leading market for Kenya grown fresh fruits, the increased demand for fruits in European countries accounts for the notable increase in horticulture exports despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the trade.

Important, following The easing of travel restrictions, there is a notable increase in exports. However, there are uncertainties about exports considering the current COVID-19 second wave of infections.

Notably, horticulture is one of the primary sources of foreign exchange, closely followed by tea and remittances of revenues from tourists and Kenyans living in other countries.





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