Bitcoin Market Capitalization Hits all-time High as Bitzlato Launch in Kenya

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The market value of bitcoin surpassed the $335 billion mark last week, now trading at $342 billion. Bitcoin had surged since April 2020, when we had a market correction currently trading at $18,454 as of November 23, 2020.

Bitcoin Chart, Coinmarketcap, November 23,2020

According to Coin Telegraph, the market value has surpassed American Companies, including Nvidia – a well-known manufacturing company of graphic cards.

According to Yahoo Finance, Nvidia shares closed at $324 billion on 21st November 2020. Bitcoins’ new market capitalization comes amid both Nvidia and Bitcoin seeing significant growth in 2020.

As reported by Cointelegraph, Nvidia’s market cap has risen by over 100 percent from around $150 billion in January to $350 billion. At the same time, bitcoin price has surged from approximately $4,000 in January, now trading at an average of $18,000.

Nvidia and Bitcoin have a close relationship as the American Company manufactures GPU cards utilized in mining cryptocurrencies.

Despite the surge, Nvidia has faced legal suites for misrepresenting over $1 billion due to its heavy reliance on sales to crypto miners. Nvidia argued that its investors could not access its internal records following the crypto craze in 2017 and 2018.

Bitzlato peer to peer cryptocurrency Exchange Launches in Kenya 

In other news, peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange platform, Bitzlato has joined the Kenyan market, joining other players including Locabitcoins, Local cryptos, and Paxful.

Some key features why Bitzlato is the future include:

  • Bitzlato currently charges zero fees for trading bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether USD, Bitcoin cash, among other platforms.
  • Bitzlato allows quick conversion of cryptocurrency to cash, avoiding a rate decrease.
  • During weekends and holidays, Bitzlato is offering zero commission for trading Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • The top seven currencies are available on Bitzlato, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Litecoin, Dash, Doge, and Bitcoin Cash.
  • There is no bureaucratic KYC at Bitzlato, and you only need an email to start trading.
  • Bitzlato offers high commissions on its trading platform. Traders get 32% from referrals who make a significant deal and 8% from any trader who creates an ad. Additional income is also earned from inviting friends and relatives.
  • A unique feature at Bitzlato includes Bitcoin gift codes that allow traders to create and share gifts in BTC within the platform. Each new user can follow the gift code’s link to become an affiliate and cash out automatically.
  • Global P2P Exchange shatters international finance boundaries created by banks allows traders to exchange fiat currencies at minimal fees.
  • A unique feature from Bitzlato is its telegram bot that eases the exchange of cryptocurrencies.
  • Currently, Bitzlato has over 100 payment methods allowing quick liquidation of cryptocurrencies to fiat depending on the domicile country.

How to get started with Bitzlato to buy and sell bitcoins in Kenya

Start trading with Bitzlato today by Clicking Here.

If you need guidance on how to use Bitzlato, Contact, or +254 780216631


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