Bill Gates is now a target of Covid-19 conspiracy theories

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For the last one decade, Bill Gates has been warning the world on the lack of preparation and systems put in place to handle infectious diseases that could lead to a pandemic. The conspiracy theorists are now blaming Gates for somehow creating the pandemic in relation to these warnings.

He was recently attacked after posting a thank you message to health care workers. One of the comments read, @tedorianyates-“One day you will answer for your crimes…if you desire population reduction why don’t you start with yourself and children…who are not vaccinated.”

Gates has contributed considerably to the development and delivery of vaccines such as polio and measles all around the world, which does not portray a “population reduction” plan.

There are also those on social media who accuse Gates of owning the “patent” for coronavirus. They claim that the pandemic is to create the need for a vaccine from which Bill Gates will highly benefit from.

However, the Pirbright Institute, which has received funds from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has a patent that mainly affects chicken and not human beings. Also, having a patent for one coronavirus does not translate for the other. 


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